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Latin Phrases, Sayings, Quotes

Latin phrases, sayings, quotes. Famous and funny commonly used latin quotes, latin phrases, latin mottos and latin sayings - English translations and meanings. Latin phrases (for tattoos) about life and death, anger, joy, love and hate, man and woman, people, family, wisdom and stupidity, wealth and poverty, happiness and sadness, time, youth and senility, jealousy, weather, summer, winter, spring, autumn, work and laziness, animals, insects.

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God and my right - Deus meumque jus - Motto of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
God at leisure - deus otiosus



God chooses the weak of the world - infirma mundi elegit Deus
God enriches - ditat Deus - Genesis 14:23.
God grants the increase - dat deus incrementum - Motto of Westminster School
God is Love - Deus Caritas Est - The first encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI
God is my Light - Deus Lux Mea Est - The motto of The Catholic University of America.
God is my strong tower - turris fortis mihi Deus



God is our hope - Deus spes nostra
God our light - numen lumen
God willing - Deo volente
God wills it! - Deus vult
gold is power - aurum potestas est
golden key - clavis aurea
golden mean - aurea mediocritas - Phrase from Horace's Odes II, 10.



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