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a bene placito - from one well pleased
a caelo usque ad centrum - from the sky to the center



a capite ad calcem - from head to heel
a contrario - from the opposite
a Deucalione - from (or since) Deucalion - Gaius Lucilius
a falsis principiis proficisci - to set forth from false principles - Phrase from Cicero's "De Finibus"
a fortiori - from the stronger
a mari usque ad mare - from sea to sea - From Psalm 72:8



a pedibus usque ad caput - from feet to head
a posse ad esse - from being able to being
a posteriori - from the latter
a priori - from the former
ab absurdo - from the absurd
ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia - an inference from an abuse to a use is not valid
ab aeterno - from the eternal



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